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New Music in May – Check Out Our Featured Albums

June 5, 2017
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As we gear up for summer, get comfortable with new music that can be put into constant rotation this season. This month’s new albums came in the midst of an early-2000’s revamp. Along with these four albums, some familiar Emo-Alt-Rock groups released new music, some for the first time in over 3 years.

New Music Culture This Month

  1. LINKIN PARK hit it hard out of the gates this year after just over a year working on their 2017 album, One More Light. The radio stations have been broadcasting the album’s feature single “Heavy” often since its release late February this year. The track features female vocalist Kiiara and takes a uncharacteristically Pop genre that flavors the entire album.
  2. Paramore came back from an almost 4 year hiatus after lead singer Hayley Williams cited losing friends and a self-doubt fueled complex as the reason for the break. With two singles, “Hard Times” and “Told You So” preceding the album, After Laughter was released May 12th, 2017 with Zac Farrow returning to the drums once again. The album fits Paramore’s usual peppy-pop vibes and this collection of 12 songs is driven in that direction even harder by a heavy 80’s flair.
  3. Finally, Papa Roach (who never really left) is here with Crooked Teeth, an album put together by the gang that has been together since ’07. Over half of the album’s 13 songs were released as singles between February and Crooked Teeth‘s release date on May 19th, 2017. For the most part, the anthem-y rock hasn’t evolved much but the band still churns them out.

New Albums This May

Below are the 4 new music featured albums this May 2017 worth talking about.

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Capture – Thunder Dreamer

The third release of an eclectic 4-man group, Capture continues a streak of sparse lyrics over endless, hypnotizing guitar. As far as new music goes, this is a good album to turn you on to a small town band. Front man and lyricist Steven Hamilton vocalizes a wide variety of emotions concerning situational Midwestern upbringings and the hardships of them.

Capture is a slow-paced listen with an easily-digestible 8 songs. Thunder Dreamer self describes here as “a dreamy rock band from Indiana”. So, heavy on the Midwest filter. But, the tracks evoke more of indie rock (heavy on the indie) with the drum- and bass-light melodies and long, wavering vocals.

Highlight tracts include “Capture” and “You Know Me”, the latter of which starts with a more enthusiastic and fast-paced intro.

Coming from four different places in the Midwest with hardly a namesake, Thunder Dream created a simmering album begging for a clash or crescendo. The listener is rewarded with a patient and practiced instrumental that lasts the entirety of this new album.


True Care – James Vincent McMorrow

This is a stunning listen by Jame Vincent McMorrow -a real album to sit down and listen to from the first to last song in one sitting. True Care, McMorrow’s 4th album, is a heartfelt collection of tracks that evoke nothing but the most incredibly personal feelings and musings on love and care. These two ideas are muddy for McMorrow -he claims he himself “has no answers […] no truths” and, rather than being the teacher, he takes us on an in-depth journey to discovery the meanings of love and care ourselves.

McMorrow has committed himself to this album completely, presenting his private exploration to the listener to consider. In order to share this new music with as many ears as possible McMorrow has committed to playing True Care in its entirety to every audience he steps before (except festival audiences) until the end of his tour -but in a way that isn’t “some pretentious self centered bull s**t” he says.


More Than Anything – P-Lo

More Than Anything is brand new music, but P-Lo is no stranger to the scene. San Francisco Native and early-starter rapper and producer P-Lo has been working collaboratively with names all over the bay area for years now. His friendliness around the scene undoubtedly contributed directly to the sublime beats featured on the album.

This new LP has been teased for the past two months, with “Feel Good (feat. G. Eazy)” milking the anticipation with a banger beat and mainstream feature. The majority of the album is “feel good hip-hop” with traditional beats and light subject matter.

P-Lo has rhythm but lacks on flow, borrowing from mainstream rappers’ sounds. Cited influences and partners like Kayne West’s and Wiz Khalifa’s pitching is familiar here. Despite (or fortunately for) this, More Than Anything is an essential listen because P-Lo is on-trend and rearing to go. After a May LP release, the artist is set to start touring mid-June. Look out for him in locations like SF’s House of Blues and LA’s El Rey Theatre.

There’s Really A Wolf – Russ

One of the most anticipated releases from Today Together headquarters is Atlanta-based artist Russ, whose singles have been included in a majority of collections curated by the Apple Music magicians. There’s Really A Wolf is Russ’s first studio album and its two highly-lauded singles, “What They Want” and “Losin Control” gained mass popularity on the US Billboard’s Hot 100 list, peaking at 83 and 63 respectively.

Russ’s album is written by an entrepreneur. The 25 year old is noted for creating as well as producing his own music and the lyrics have a laser focus on themes of “do it yourself” for a variety of reasons that are clear throughout the album.

Definitely a hot listen, There’s Really A Wolf is both thoughtful and savage. The tracks mix rap and R&B with trending singing-focused hooks and choruses. Citing 50 Cent and Eminem as influences, Russ’s debut album hits more on the Frank Ocean side of hip hop, with his soulful and focused vocals carrying on throughout.

Other New Music In May

  • One Direction’s Harry Styles dropped his first solo (and self-titled) album since the boy band’s slow (somewhat tragic) disbandment. Styles’ Apple Music profile boasts a style coined as “Bowie-meets-Elton […] but a slight outlier.” Whether this assessment is true or not is up to you.
  • In the final weeks of May we find the notorious Justin Bieber blundering (again -sorry JB). Featured on Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee’s new track “Despacito”, Bieber was recorded fumbling quite obviously on the Spanish lyrics throughout his feature on the chorus –take a look.
  • Also seems like Katy Perry is gearing up to release something that will most definitely be wild -see below.

Is there any new music we missed out on this month? Or was there some of our featured music that you particularly enjoyed? If so, drop a comment below -we love hearing from you all!

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