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DIY Feather Garland – find your next home decor project!

June 28, 2017
diy feather headboard

If you are in a time of transition consider creating this simple DIY headboard using three simple items that can be purchased at any craft store for under $20 total. Below, also, is a list of our favorite and “would-definitely-try” DIY headboards.

Rustic Twine + Feather Garland

diy headboard from feathers and twine

This feather garland is a great feature to dress up any wall you don’t want empty. It goes perfectly in our guest bedroom, which we haven’t put a ton of thought into since moving in 6 months ago.

What you’ll need:

  • twine
  • spray paint color of your choice -we chose metallic silver
  • craft (or real??) feathers

First: You’ll want to first paint your feathers. We used white feathers with metallic silver spray paint and only covered two-thirds of the front of the feather. Experiment with feather + paint colors and send us your results!

We suggest pinning the ends of the feathers onto the ground (grass preferred) using rocks or something similar to prevent spraying your fingers. Without being held down, the power of the spray paint will blow them away!

Allow spray paint to dry until no longer sticky to the touch -this will take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour.

Second: While waiting for your feathers to dry, portion and cut your twine. This is a great DIY craft because you can easily customize its size and colors. Our garland is about 5 feet long.

The length of the twine that is connected to the feathers alternates. There are no right lengths -but remember if you plan on hanging your garland in an arch, that the ones at the dip will hang lower!

Last: After the twine is cut and the feathers are dry, connect them all! First, tie a knot of the shorter pieces of twine (there are eight on our garland) around the long (5ft) piece of twine. And then tie a knot around the ends of the feathers using the other end of the short pieces of twine.

light headboard diy

Viola you are finished! We suggest placing a dot of hot glue on any knots you tie in the twine -especially if you like to frequently move, like us, to prevent any of the twine or feathers from getting lost.

To finish this look, we added some twinkle lights from Urban Outfitters, which are also good to add a little magic to any room.

Below, view 9 other DIY headboard ideas that are sure to be the finishing touch to your bedroom. What’s your favorite? Comment with a link if you’ve made any of these or a feather garland -we would love to see!


1. DIY Flower Wall by Jenny Bess @ Sweet Teal

This flower wall gives us Alice-In-Wonderland-vibes in all the best ways. Flowers creeping out of your pillows while you dream? Absolutely!

diy flower wall headboard

2. Geometric Art Headboard Panels by Laura Gummerman @ A Beautiful Mess

As far as painting and hand-made art go, creating this headboard is doable for anyone over the age of like 15. Copy this color and design for a serene and creative rest, or mix it up to fit your space!

diy painted headboard

3. DIY Book Headboard by Kassandra Utzinger @ Design Every Day

Can you even imagine falling asleep engulfed in the smell of old books? Major heart eyes for this project. Kassandra and Simon purchased their books from thrift stores -for cheap!- which means extra-old book smell is surely embedded in their pages.

diy book headboard

4. DIY Wine Crate Headboard by Jenny Bess @ Sweet Teal

This wine crate headboard is similar to re-purposing old pallets, but with a tart twist. Jenny points out that you can stop by most restaurants that receive shipments of wine to source your materials -which makes for the perfect DIY headboard.

wine crate diy headboard

5. Floral Headboard by Natalie Shriver @ designlovefest

Another floral headboard idea from the lovely ladies at designlovefest. This is easier than it looks, since the flowers are based around a west elm headboard, but the impact on a room is everything.

diy flower headboard

6. Dreamy Light-Up Headboard by Meredith @ The Palette Muse 

Did you like the twinkle in the feather garland? If so, your head is about to spin. This DIY headboard is so simple and creates a huge nightlight that will change the mood of your room in an instant.

light up diy headboard

7. DIY Headboard by Tamsyn @ Max & Me

A more “traditional” headboard -if that’s the way you swing. These tufted headboards are simple to make by hand, if you have a teensy bit of sewing skills. They’re good if you have a small budget -or smaller than the amount that a pre-made tufted headboard costs!

diy tufted headboard

8. Padded Headboard by Bethany DeVore @ eHow

Finally, a DIY headboard that fits in with every decor. This isn’t a statement piece and will blend perfectly with most rooms. Enjoy!

traditional diy headboard

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