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New Music in June

June 30, 2017
june new music

June was a fun month for music. With one of the biggest collaborations in the past few years and amazing new artists making their way to the main stage, this June music will be sure to impress. Read on for a recap of all the new music that was released and talked about this month.

New Music Culture This Month

  • After 10 years of cranking out pop-country favorites like “Need You Now” and “You Look Good”, Lady Antebellum took a hiatus last year. Back already with a new album Heart Break, the group explores a little more personal subject matter. We dig it, with the first track and album’s namesake, “Heart Break” touching on taking time to heal and give yourself a break. This alone veers away from the idea of a country music stereotype track and gives the album a positive and healthy spin.
  • SZA released her album, Ctrl, early this month and social media ate it up. The female artist took a hard 90 degree turn from her 2014 album -distancing itself from the dreamy electronic/R&B that inspired many and developed a massive fan base three years ago. This album also brought up rumors (meaning, not necessarily based on fact) about the artist, SZA having private relations in order to launch her career. Social media, specifically Twitter, has been alight with this talk, which borders on harassment, as users are using SZA’s private life for slanderous material.
  • You’ll definitely at least want to skim through DJ Khaled’s new album Grateful, as it will be part of mainstream culture for the next few months -perhaps even for the remainder of the year. Khaled and his 8-month old son Asahd have been promoting this album for months now, and for good reason. Khaled first released a single (“Shining”) featuring Beyoncé and JAY Z in early February which was followed by songs from his album that featured the likes of Justin Bieber and Rihanna. Every track features mainstream artists (Alicia Keys and Future are just a couple more) and truly is a collaboration to check out this month.

New Albums This June

Here are 4 new albums from this June that are so worth giving a listen to. And if you’re on a new music binge, check out last month’s new music too!

june new music


RELAXER is an album that is as exciting as it is intellectual. alt-J, since their inception have pushed the boundaries of mainstream music and gave room for creations that are imperfectly packaged. With sounds that are exciting and creative, this album can be unsettling as you fall into the controlled sound of alt-J. The music itself is sublime, dark, and full of a shiny energy that makes you listen over and over.

I just want to love you in my own language

The album could be put on repeat for an entire night and the language, accompanied by light, controlled percussion would keep you up, interested and listening. Unlike a large amount of artists that work hard to think outside of the box, alt-J succeeds in making music that is new and entrancing, while still being from the same vein of their prior work.

Evolve – Imagine Dragons

Imagine Dragons keeps up with their reputation by releasing another album that is simultaneously dark and motivating. Just like Night Visions (2012) and Smoke + Mirrors (2014), this new release treads the finest line between a self-depreciating anger and an excitable underdog mentality. It may do the group some good to step out of the “bottom of the pack” thought process, as Imagine Dragons has broken their glass ceiling and are featured regularly on radio stations around the world.

Have a seat in the foyer, take a number/I was lightning before the thunder

Their 2017 album, Evolve is a great mix, both of music and feelings. The two singles that were released before the album drop, “Believer” and “Thunder” display the yin and yang of the album.

Truth Is a Beautiful Thing – London Grammar

A beautiful second album for your listening pleasure, London Grammar released Truth Is a Beautiful Thing on June 9th. The indie trio delve further into an enchanting sound that is building off of their first album. Lead singer Hannah Reid’s vocals are heart stirring as they dip into a magnificent alto and then sore upon high soprano notes in the same breath. There is no rush to this album, as the tracks all take their time and give you the moment to savor all of the well-thought-out notes. Some of the guitar could be seen as simplistic -something that has been done before. But the ambiance of Reid’s voice carries the tracks as well as the music, creating, all in all, something completely new.

Keep. – Riz La Vie

An EP of only 5 songs, Riz La Vie may have released the best tracks of the month. Thankfully Apple Music is toting it on their “New Music” playlists, which gives this hard working artist the exposure his album deserves. Keep. is comprised as heartfelt and intense lyrics, giving you a look straight into the artist’s head.

People that I know think they know themselves they’re so sure/22 years old with a life they’d sell they souls for

It’s a comfortable spot, inside Riz La Vie’s head. His melodies carry a savage soulfulness that is incredibly delightful to almost any music taste. Highlights include “Old Young” and “¡Ay Caramba!” but, like we said, it’s an extended play of 5 songs, so do yourself a favor and check it out.

Other Music In June

  • Two well-known groups have dropped singles, pre-releasing their albums. Arcade Fire, the painfully nostalgic alternative group has released “Everything Now” and Manchester Orchestra (house favorite!) dropped “The Gold” -both of which are on par with the vibes of their prior albums and releases.
  • On the 14th of this month hip-hop artist G-Eazy notified Twitter that he’s “Excited to finally announce [his] new album ‘The Beautiful and Damned’/Coming this fall”. With singles like “Me, Myself & I” making top 10 of the US Billboard Hot 100, fans are excited for new material.
  • And, finally, here’s some new music to get you through the rest of your day. Jaden Smith, bonafide entrepreneur/artist/musician/soul searcher, released in collaboration with Nostalgic Jams “Batman”, a 4.30 minute music video where Smith take the place of the superhero Gotham didn’t ask for. The music video comes a smooth 6 months after his last video release in December of ’16. The video is clean and pretty, but doesn’t seem to be a complete foray into music so much as it is a part of the young Smith’s master plan. With slick lyrics like “Batman, why you look flyer than hell?” this lax video is definitely worth the watch today:

Drop a comment below if you liked any of this music or if there are any problematic musicians you want to discuss! As always, we’re all ears!



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