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Dreamy Romance Playlist -alternative music for the bedroom

July 11, 2017
sex playlist

There’s sex that is impromptu and there’s sex where you’re prepared -candles lit, music playing, etc. Well, this is the music. This is mostly an alternative mix -if you’re looking for some, ahem, wall-bangers, keep your eyes peeled in the coming weeks.

These songs are in no way new -but they’re oh so good. And having them all together on a mix is even sweeter.

sex playlist

Both Purity Ring and Gang Colors have multiple albums out that are good for the bedroom. On the flip side, the albums are really good for reading because they aren’t distracting.

Give “Sons and Lovers” a chance and a little patience. When the beat drops the mood is so set. Black Light Dinner Party is definitely in the “oldie but goodie” category. The band’s last album release was sometime in 2013 and the group announced their “amicable” split in January of 2015. Still, they produced and created some amazing work. Check out their music video, “We Are Golden”, which features some amazing animation from Dreambear.

Another highlight on this mix is the artist Christopher Gallant whose artistic vision is unique. His talent has been showing from his first LP in 2015 and the hustle hasn’t stopped -in fact, many of the tracks off of his newest album, Ology has been integral part of many of my playlist since they were released in 2016. This artist is also important to talk about because he does break the “stereotypical” narrative of black male artists.

Check out Weight In Gold to pin down just how dedicated Gallant is to the wonderful music and brand he’s established and created.

Dreamy Sex Playlist – YouTube

Bank Head – Kelela

Melt – Chet Faker

Emmanuel – BASECAMP

Sirens – Gallant

Silhouette – Active Child

Shutter – Honey Bones

Sons and Lovers – Black Light Dinner Party

Heavy Petting – Gang Colours

Childs Play (feat. Chance the Rapper) – SZA

Grandloves – Purity Ring

Dreamy Sex Playlist – iTunes and Spotify

Here’s the playlist on iTunes and Spotify as well if you want to try it out and download it you dig. It’s a little over 40 minutes long which, for some, will suffice, but some others, ahem, may need to listen to it a few times.

If you like this or any of our playlists, comment and share which songs you like or dislike and why! We love talking about music here. And check out this Dynamic Genre playlist if you like these songs.

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