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Feeling You – R&B + Pop Playlist for Romantics

July 13, 2017
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In honor of your editors celebrating our anniversary we’re releasing some of the music that we’ve curated for each other. Feeling You is an hour+ worth of lovey, crushy, hot songs that will set your mood on your relationships.

Who are you currently crushing on? Drop us a comment below!

This playlist is packed with songs that will make you think about that special someone. Including a lot of the legendary slow jam-maker, SloMo, you can guess the vibe this mix will evoke.

It cycles between a dark kind of desire with “Dark Star” by Jaymes Young, and wanton and fun crushing with “Skin Tight” by Niykee Heaton.

Another upbeat feature on this mix is “Young Madonna”, which includes lovely promises and well-worded compliments. Definitely a standout by rapper D-Why’s 2013 album and a great single to send to someone you may be trying to woo.

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We want to know… What are your favorite tracks from this mix? Will you share it with that special someone or keep it for yourself? Let us know in the comments below!

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