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New Singles This July

July 26, 2017
new music july

This July brought us a lot of new music for perfect summer vibes. Along with simmering-stunner Lana Del Rey and a new album from Tyler, The Creator, this month welcomed a few singles, some of which signal upcoming releases. Here are 3 songs we’re listening to at least once a day:

1. “CHAINS” – DAP the Contract

This is a thoughtful track that tackles a hard subject in a light not often used.

“My nigga tell me where you got your chain from/ No I ain’t looking for my own, I ain’t trying to be owned by another”

With a pertinent opening line like this and featured vocals by 3 other artists, this collaboration is a beautiful celebration of the rising of minority and minorities’ cultures.

Accompanied by a buoyant beat and singer Kamaria Woods’s soulful and peaceful vocals, “CHAINS” is a lowkey listen with hard hitting language. We are recommending this song because our current social culture just may call for a more empathetic and direct way of communicating than we have become accustomed to. Share this song with a few friends -see what they think about it. Discuss the lyrics and why someone might have shared them with us.

The artist, DAP the Contract, has fused two, sometimes dueling music styles, in Two Roads (the EP this song is a part of), which has been a popular move. A self-exploration within 7 songs, this is a mix that will give you a new sense of empathy. With songs raw with lyrical passion and classic musical genius, “CHAINS” isn’t the only track you should check out on Two Roads.

2. “Woman” – Kesha

Coming on the heels of the singer’s first solo release since 2013, “Woman” is the second single from Kesha’s album Rainbow. Like the first single, “Woman” comes with an in-depth essay from the artist that is more than worth the read. A total anthem, Kesha’s new track is three and a half minutes of music that necessitates a “Hell yeah!” “Woman”‘s aura of middle-finger-in-the-air fun doesn’t even rival the music video where the 30-year-old is clad in the most gaudy don’t-give-a-fuck gold sequin getup.

This return to the scene should stir a host of emotions in anyone who has been paying attention. After a seriously heartbreaking chain of events, Kesha is finding her way out of a 3-year legal battle with her producer, Dr. Luke. The details of the case, which went all the way to the New York Supreme Court, are clean cut but that doesn’t mean both sides of the story were culled accurately. Often, being double teamed by social stigma (caused by rape culture) and America’s justice system is an exhausting and expensive process. Click into the links to see just a tiny piece of what Kesha faced when she made the decision to take Dr. Luke to court for alleged rape and verbal, physical, emotional, and sexual abuse. Watch Rainbow’s first single, “Praying” for an inside look on Kesha‘s current/past state.

Now, if we’re talking about empathy, which we are, this is a great exercise. See “Woman” as a kick ass summer anthem that you can pour shots to and dance with strangers -but, also see it as the return of a kick ass and talented artist who has just been through 3 years of a struggle no one would ever ask to endure. Now, watch the newly released music video and let the joy flow through you:


3. “Get Up” – The Blow

This is a feature song of the month because we like highlighting hustlers. The Blow has been dropping eclectic albums and singles for years now, but it’s been 4 years since the two artists’ last feature album. The Blow is a music group formed of 25% Khaela Maricich, 25% Melissa Dyne and 50% the need to create.

Whether it is music, waves, or literature, the group has been a collaboration that, from the beginning has consistently incorporated a variety of art (think monologue interspersed with music) to enhance what listeners are used to experiencing at a concert. This mass pileup of arts is due in part to Maricich’s affinity for visual and performative art as well as music’s ability to span across all types of art. Learn more about Maricich’s winding journey with The Blow on the band’s extensive Bio page.

Now, onto the good part: The Blow is set to release another album -this year (finally)! Brand New Abyss will be released this November. This new single, “Get Up” is very The Blow-esque -tracks that feature synthesizers, pop, lyrical rap, and Maricich’s monotone, yet urgent vocals. This Portland-based band’s vibes aren’t as far out there as they seem. On top of “Get Up” also check out “Parenthesis” and “True Affection”, which are other accessible tracks that will help listeners dive into the world of The Blow.


Which of these songs has you looking for more like it? What songs are you currently obsessed with? Drop a comment -we love suggestions! 


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