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New Music This July – Check out this month’s featured albums and music news!

August 1, 2017
new music july

 New Music Pop Culture This Month

  • Calvin Harris’s new album rivals DJ Khalid’s as the producer/DJ releases a fifth studio album jampacked with current mainstream talents -many of which are found collaborating on tracks together. Singles include “Slide (feat. Frank Ocean and Migos)” and “Rollin (feat. Future and Khalid)”, and we’re sure more than a couple more will be woven into nightclub and radio soundtracks for the remainder of the summer
  • Disney come-ups Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato both gave the people what they wanted -new singles were released early this July with the promise of new albums. Selena self promoted the fuck out of “Fetish ft. Gucci Mane” with several promos for the single art, which is gorgeous, through her social media channels. This was followed by the release of this totally bizarre pre-music video video and music video.
  • Listeners are buzzing about the release of Coldplay’s EP, Kaleidoscope as well as HAIM’s Something To Tell You. They are both worth listening to -Coldplay’s album is a quick listen that consists of 5 tracks:
    • 1. “All I Can Think About Is You” -a track rooted in the hypnotic and urgent instrumentals accompanied by Chris Martin’s muted yet long-winded vocals
    • 2. “Miracles (Someone Special)” -a collab with Big Sean that shows the band’s mastery at genre mixing
    • 3. “A L I E N S” -a very Coldplay-esque single, for the times. Of all the songs, this rides the line the closest to pop music. Expect to hear it on the radio!
    • 4. “Something Just Like This (Tokyo Remix)” -a remix of the track that was first released in its original version by the collaborating band, The Chainsmokers earlier this year in February
    • 5. “Hypnotised (EP Mix)” -another simmering song that slowly inflates in the last minute thirty seconds to a satisfying conclusion

Albums Worth Checking Out

Here are 4 albums released this July that you should give a listen to. If you need even more new music, check out last month’s featured albums as well as new singles this July!

new music july

Time – Cazzette

Our first featured album comes from Swedish duo Cazzette. This is their second extended play album and was released early July with 3 previously-released tracks and 2 new songs -“Run The World” and “Just People”, the former arguably as the feature track!

Cazzette creates dance music with rhythms and beats carefully curated for their listeners. With Time, the group sampled from a wide variety of genres -“from Reggae to Garage” they were quoted in Dancing Astronaut. If the genre of dance or electronic music is new to you –Time is a miniature step in the right direction. This EP features vocalists in 4/5 of the tracks, making them completely entertaining.

“Run The World” is the EP’s featured single and features the vocals of Danish singer Nadia Gattas, who is no stranger to collaboration. The track has a rushing quality to it, always headed to its peak and drop like a speeding bullet. Gattas’s steady and drawn out vocals keep the song in check with lyrics focused on an infatuation with someone.

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Ultralife – Oh Wonder

Oh Wonder came back with a new alternative album titled Ultralife. Where their prior work has tended to be on the gentle side of upbeat, lead singer Josephine Vander Gucht really leans in with fast tempos paired with exciting beats for this album. Listening to any one song on this album will be a pleasant surprise since many tracks don’t head in the direction you would expect them to. The single “Ultralife” exemplifies this with cutting lyrics:

“I got so much soul inside my bones/Take a look at me now”

Something that hasn’t changed since Oh Wonder’s last release in 2015 is the perfect melding of the pair’s voices. The other half of the duo, Anthony West compliments his partner with perfectly-time vocals and instrumentals.

This band has risen to mainstream popularity incredibly quickly. Hailing from London, the duo released their album (by themselves) track by track, from 2014-2015. By the middle of 2016 they were opening for American superstar Halsey

Jungle Rules – French Montana

A release you may not have missed, but one you should listen to nonetheless is French Montana’s Jungle Rules. While this isn’t any new take on the genre, French Montana did summon quite a bit of talent to this LP with Future, T.I., Quavo, and other big names featured on almost 70% of the tracks. Feature songs on this album include “Whiskey Eyes (feat. Chinx)” and single “Unforgettable (feat. Swae Lee)”.

Jungle Rules is easy-to-consume mainstream hip hop with features from big names. It proves the point that even with no musical talent, if you have enough money you can produce an album that is reviewed by all of the mainstream media.

Steve Aoki Presents Kolony – Steve Aoki

If you haven’t listened to Steve Aoki (ever, or in a while) this is such a great album to jump into. Traditionally delving into dance music, Aoki’s newest release really challenges his standing within that genre. Aoki’s constant stream of single releases are usually headed straight for clubs and EDM festivals utilizing electronic sound systems and epic bass drops that are just made for dancing (and jumping).

Steve Aoki’s music is also fun because aside from jump-inducing beats, the artist strikes at points in his music, both lyrically and in its composition. In Kolony, Aoki takes a leap from his usual standing and takes a swing at creating a dance/hip-hop hybrid. For the very most part, it’s very good.

As a popular artist in his genre, Aoki culled talent from the likes of 2 Chainz and Gucci Mane. Kolony is a collaborative album, considering Aoki isn’t a rapper -so don’t expect rap remixes, but rather bass lines that compliment the stanzas. This album is an amazing look at the future trends of music, and definitely worth a listen. Feature tracks include “Without U (feat. 2 Chainz)” and “Night Call (feat. Lil Yachty & Migos)”.


Other New Music News

  • If you’ve managed to avoid the news so far, Beyoncé has released a photo of her brand new twin sons. Born sometime in June, the singer released a photo of her holding the two tiny babies together on July 14th. The picture was propped similarly to her maternity photoshoot, where she revealed to the public that she was pregnant with not one, but two new Carters. Seeing as both Beyoncé and her husband, hip-hop artist Jay-Z retain a great amount of privacy, the photo releases were hailed with a lot of chatter. Now that Sir and Rumi Carter’s images have been released to the world, there have been mixed emotions –see our story about it here.
  • Buzz on Twitter has introduced many new listeners to Dua Lipa. Her new music video for New Rules features kickass backup dancers that work in harmony to create the ultimate girl power ensemble. Quick and super fun -watch here:

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