Everlasting Passion -a playlist that will remind you of the lovely things in life

August 4, 2017

Love songs have come a long way since “When A Man Loves A Woman” -and that’s a good thing! Music has been racing to keep up with our ever-changing culture and, as the definition of love expands and transforms, so do love songs.

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This playlist demonstrates an array of feelings that evoke the thought of love and passion -these are songs that say “I love you” in their own words and melodies. From Cage The Elephant to Future, Everlasting Passion captures some really fantastic ways to put your heart on display.

These tracks will put you on cloud nine, evoking the thought of your significant other or your crush. On the flip side, listen to this mix if you need some reassurance after heartbreak. This collection of 12 songs should be just the cure to thinking the entire world is loveless and cold -in fact, it should reassure you that there is more than enough love to go around.

Everlasting Passion - A love playlist

Two of the most intense songs on this playlist are by Amy Shark and the poetic Atmosphere. “Adore” is a track that will get you in your feelings and describes encounters that everyone has experienced at least once.

Get me a drink, I get drunk off one sip just so I can adore you/ Want the entire street out of town just so I can be alone with you

“Don’t Ever Fucking Question That” is a hard hitting classic. Released back in 2001, the feelings this song evokes are just as strong 16+ years later. Existential and raw in its feel, Atmosphere’s song is an incredible addition to this playlist.

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