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Riverdale Setting + Characters -the intrigue behind Jughead, the Chok-Lit Shoppe, and more!

September 18, 2017

Don’t miss your chance to jump on board with the new T.V. series Riverdale with its Season 2 premiere this October 11th on the CW! Catch up on Season 1 with our month-long Riverdale series where we unpack the town of Riverdale, the themes of the show, and its amazingly well-thought-out characters.

Below, read up on the weirdness that is the town of Riverdale and learn more about the most intriguing characters including Jughead Jones and Veronica Lodge.

Did you grow up in a small town? What is it like knowing every person in town?

Don’t forget to check out some of the awesome music on Riverdale’s Season 1 soundtrack -we’ve picked the best tracks just for you!

Pop’s Diner 

A feature location in Riverdale is a diner. Pop’s Diner is a place that allows characters to conveniently run into each other and meet up as it is the only place in town that is open 24 hours. Though Archie and Betty are next door neighbors, when it is time for the entire gang to meet up -Pop’s is the first order of business.

Viewers are also kept in the loop at Pop’s through Veronica Lodge’s mother, who works as a waitress there for the majority of the season. Veronica, unfamiliar with the new area comments, “What is a chok-lit shoppe, and why does it sell burgers?”

In Season 1 alone Pop’s has seen its fair share of dates, drama, and tears, making it one of Riverdale’s go-to spots.


An important factor that adds to Riverdale‘s intrigue is the time-setting dissonance. At first glance, Riverdale looks like it may be a 50’s period drama. The town of Riverdale itself looks to be right out of the American 50s, but the time period is actually current (50s-looking town, current-day story.) This creates what is almost a parallel universe where time is almost, but not quite, standing still.

Besides the obvious sign of texting on cell phones, the script often references current-day culture (“a Post-James Franco world” according to Veronica) in a witty, if not sardonic way. This is a fun way of holding an audience close and relating to them but also keeping the viewer at an arm’s distance with the setting.

Riverdale is shot in Vancouver, Canada. The town has also been used to shoot Pretty Little Liars and Gilmore Girls, making it a popular location for television shoots.




Also mentioned in our first Riverdale post, this series is based on the comic book series, Archie. The characters in Riverdale take the names of the characters in Archie, hence the names.

Anyway, below are 5 characters that make the story go ’round and leave room for so much more in Season 2:

Veronica Lodge

A character that follows her moral compass like a dog sniffing out a bone, Veronica Lodge is a confident and welcome addition to the cast. Portrayed by Camila Mendes, this teenager comes from big money in New York City but is determined to become a humbler and more friendly version of herself upon her move to Riverdale in Episode 1.

Veronica, sometimes referred to as Ronnie, has a sharp tongue. This makes her a good foil to her new best friend Betty Cooper as well as entertaining competition to equally quick-witted Cheryl Blossom.

Looking forward to Season 2, we are excited to see how her relationship with her criminal father develops, as her story line focused partially on her extreme sense of guilt for the crime that he committed.

Jughead Jones

The roll of Jughead Jones is nailed by Cole Sprouse, an actor whose quiet energy bursts at the seams of every scene he is involved in. There is a depth to both his language and maturity level that adds a well-needed quality to the cast.

In Season 1, Jughead is set up for some pretty interesting character development in subsequent seasons. His character has been seen to be overly trusting and painfully forgiving/heart-of-gold type personality. A blossoming relationship with Betty and a haphazard relationship with his father (who can’t seem to get clean) develop throughout Season 1 and then begin to butt heads in the last few episodes. It’s an interesting lifestyle clash that will certainly lead to no good.

Riverdale Jughead


Mrs. Lodge + Mr. Andrews

The plot line revolves around two generations of townspeople -the parents and their children. Seeing the old relationships between the parents come to light simultaneously with their children’s interactions is a great narrative.

Specifically, Archie Andrew’s father and Veronica Lodge’s mother seem to have some unfinished business when the Lodge’s return to town. Keep an eye on this pair, as the story runs deep between the Lodge’s money and the Andrew’s hardworking spirits.

Kevin Keller

A fun addition to the cast is Casey Cott playing Kevin Keller. He is an integral part of the plot as it relates to the South Side Serpents, as he becomes romantically involved with one of the young men in the dangerous gang. He is the long-time best friend of Betty and the son of Riverdale’s sheriff.

While quite a few supporting characters from the Archie Comics series make an appearance in Riverdale, Kevin is a solid secondary character, making an appearance in nearly every episode.

Background: Kevin Keller’s character in Riverdale is a fun and almost wholly successful adaptation of the Keller in the Archie comic strip. In 2010, Kevin Keller was first sighted in Archie Comics as the first openly gay character in the strip. Translating the great milestone into today’s culture on the screen was seamless and enjoyable.

What other T.V. dramas have you guys been enjoying lately? Drop us suggestions in the comments below!

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