How To Listen

September 20, 2017

We make it simple to listen to our feature music and playlists! Use one of the three options below to listen to anything on our site at any time.

Spotify is a music player that you can use for free (!!), which is awesome. On top of that, it is very versatile -you can use Spotify on your online browser, on your phone using their app, or as a software on your computer. Sign up for a Spotify account for the easiest access to popular and hard-to-find music.

Before vlogging and beauty guru’s became the cream of the crop on YouTube, the site was a huge host to music. And it still is! Watching videos on YouTube is free and doesn’t require a sign up. But you should, so you can follow us for the first look at our playlists and vlogs!

This paid music subscription is super great for anyone that uses Apple products. With a monthly payment, iPhone and Mac users can access almost every song ever at any time. The subscription allows you to curate playlists, listen to Apple Music Editor’s (sometimes amazing) playlists, have access to music as soon as it’s released, and infinite skips and replays.

Happy listening!

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