Summer Wind-Down Playlist -put the end of your summer on simmer with these hot tracks

September 20, 2017

Ah, finally, the end of summer. Whether this is the end of your vacation season or the start of school or new projects, the end of the summer season promises new beginnings. Besides that, autumn has become quite the trendy season.

With jack-o-lanterns, cozy sweaters, and apple orchards about to make a come-back, relive Summer ’17 with some of the hottest tracks released this season.

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Little Green Cars has a standout track on this playlist (track 4). In “My Love Took Me Down To The River To Silence Me” Faye O’Rourke‘s soulful alto takes the song by the throat in the best way possible. With a backup bridge that is more than slightly unnerving and twisted metaphorical lyrics, this fast-paced song is more than worth a highlight.

This love’s killing me, but I want it to. – “Love Took Me Down To The River To Silence Me”, Little Green Cars

Another song with huge summer-vibes is “Vacation” by Dirty Heads, which will help you cheer up under any situation.

Listen to our playlist to wind down your summer with tracks that will send you cruising right into the last 3 months of 2017.

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What are you most excited about for the upcoming autumn?

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