Thriller as a Book Genre -which thrilling read you should get for Halloween!

October 2, 2017

Have you ever read a thriller book? It’s a genre that can be a little hard to access, if you don’t know what types of books you like to read. Well, we’re here to help you know if this genre will interest you and which books to try.

In this month of October we’re going to be exploring several novels that will keep you on the edge of your seat. So whenever you find time to dip into a book in between PSLs, pumpkin patches, and haunted houses, you’ll be sure to stay in the spooky mood. Today, we’re kicking off this spine-chilling month with why thrillers are such entertaining reads and what books you should check out.

Why Alfred Hitchock and Stephen King May Not Be Your Vibe

With all of Stephen King’s book-to-movie adaptations (including IT and Carrie) featured so prominently in Hollywood filmography, would-be thriller readers easily migrate to King’s books. But just think of all the brand new material being put out there every day by other amazing authors…


With so many selections, there is no reason to limit yourself to what you see on the big screen when it comes to the thriller books genre! This month, we’re showing you the variety of thriller books and helping you find your new go-to.

What Thriller Book You Should Read

One of the Thriller Genre’s strongest points is its adaptability. Really, “thriller” is an umbrella term that describes stories that generate suspense. This suspense can be created 2 ways:

  1. by keeping information from the reader -this creates tension and mystery
  2. by giving the reader more information than the characters -the reader is on the edge of their seat to see how things play out

This makes the Thriller Genre a chameleon of many colors, able to change to fit many reader’s tastes. If you would normally gravitate towards romance, insert the plot of a obsessive killer and you will be biting your nails at Mr. Perfect by Linda Howard. See how else this genre can be written below!


So basically, if you’re a fan of being gripped by a story and being unable to put a book down because you have to know what happens next, you will find you new favorite this spooky October as we delve into two of Thriller’s sub-categories.

1) Sci-Fi Thriller

The Possessions is easily the strangest book we’ve read in a while -which is why we think you’ll enjoy it. Next week, we’re diving in to this creepy page turner by Sara Flannery Murphy that explores a slightly-dystopian universe where a pill exists that, for a limited time, allows the dead to possess the body of the person that takes the pill. On top of that weirdness, the main character, Edie, slowly becomes sexually obsessed and entrenched in the life of a maybe-murderer. This book is a must-have for the Halloween month.

the possessions book sara flannery murphy

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2) Psychological Thriller

This month’s Book Grab is a Psychological Thriller. The Marsh King’s Daughter is a novel you absolutely have to read this month. Author Karen Dionne weaves a dark and insightful tale that will leave you thinking about the story for weeks after finishing it. This book is about a controlling kidnapper, the woman he kidnaps, the daughter they have together and the way they lived off the grid for almost two decades. Told in first person by the daughter, Helena, this thriller will keep you thoughtful with her analysis of her father and her determination to track him down.

the marsh kings daughter

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Secondly, we have The Grownup by Gillian Flynn on the roster for October. Author of book-turned-movie Gone Girl, Flynn really knows how to twist a narrative. The Grownup is a short novella and can be easily read in a single sitting over a cup of tea or two. It follows the account of a woman that believes there is something evil within her house, and the phony psychic that is tasked with uncovering the true horrors within. Classically Gillian Flynn, the writing works at flipping the script until it is completely turned on its head at the twist in the last few pages of the story.

the grownup gillian flynn

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Learn More About Thriller Books

Are you interested in where the genre got its roots? Interested in Alfred Hitchcock? Here’s some extra reading for the curious of heart.

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Have you ever read a thriller book? Did you like it? Do any of our book grabs this month interest you?
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