The Possessions book review -almost too creepy to read at night!

October 9, 2017
the possessions book sara flannery murphy

What’s more horrific than losing control of your body? The skin-crawl factor is high in Sara Flannery Murphy’s novel The Possessions. If you’re looking for a twisting and breathtaking scary story for the month of October, The Possessions is your book grab this month!

Read on for non-spoiler details about this story about two murders and possession.

About the Story

The Possessions takes place in a dystopian future where a pill exists that, when taken, allows the user’s body to become possessed by the dead. Also called lotuses, these pills are used by workers as a service to people who want to reconnect with their dead loved ones.

Lotus: a pill that, once taken, allows the dead to take control of the user’s body

This is clearly playing with fire, and the story hinges on questioning the separation of one’s consciousness and one’s body.

The story follows Eurydice “Edie” who works as a “body” at the Elysian Society. She gets paid to allow her body to become temporarily possessed by her clients’ loved ones. She is a shell of a person with no real identity outside of work, which, as the story develops, becomes an all-consuming problem.

When Edie becomes interested in a potentially dangerous client, Patrick, the creep-factor raises even higher. With no real personality traits of her own, she channels Patrick’s recently-dead wife to become closer to him. As her obsession with Patrick grows, Edie realizes that she has been caught up in more than one murder mystery. Her drive to be with Patrick slowly takes an incredibly dark turn.

the possessions book

Why We Recommend This Book

This is a must read this October because it guarantees to make you feel spooked and force you to question a few things in life.

Sara Flannery Murphy’s master of the English Language is downright creepy.

The bluntness in her concise descriptions evokes the more foreboding than Hollywood’s greatest horror script. The imaginative story paired with this ever-present horror filter is enough to give anyone the heebie-jeebies.

A well-balanced story

There are three well-developed story lines intersecting on top of a few existential questions (below). This is done without any feeling of overwhelm.

  • What is existence after death?

Murphy juggles many heavy ideas at once in this book. Brazenly, she avoids even addressing what or where the dead are coming back from. This leaves the reader to a mystery while simultaneously begging to answer whether the dead would even want to come back and whether we should force them to.

  • Can the mind and body be separate?

The Possessions answers this question with a solid “yes”, as consciousnesses take over different bodies at the beck and call of the lotuses. But then, if a mind and body are separated too long, what is one’s true identity?

  • Halloween Vibes So Bad

Okay, but really, aren’t we all ready for the summer to end. Let’s get on board with the best of autumn (before the seasons disappear due to climate change)!! Break out the boots, cardigans, pumpkins, and bonfire ghost stories, folks, it’s going to be a great October.

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