10 Amazing Alternative Albums You Might Have Missed

November 7, 2017
best alternative albums

Yes, new music is released every week. And yes, it’s amazing and overwhelming.  You easily could have missed some gems as they got swept away by newer albums. Not to worry! We’re recapping 10 Alternative Albums you might have missed the first time they came out for your listening enjoyment.

What’s an old/ish alternative album that you still listen to?

If you haven’t listened to these albums yet then they’re new to you! So dive right in with some great new choices to add to your alternative playlists.

1. The Lateness of the Hour – Alex Clare

Alex Clare gained attention from his stand-out track, “Too Close”, from this album when it was used in a Microsoft campaign and on the T.V. show So You Think You Can Dance. An album from 2011, “Too Close” is just one of 11 songs featuring Clare’s soulful voice tapping into the subjects of love and loss.

Feature tracks: Hands Are Clever, Treading Water, Too Close


2. Dark Eyes – Half Moon Run

Half Moon Run is a dynamic Canadian band that features string instrumentalists to add a touch of darkness into their debut studio album, Dark Eyes. The two singles from this list, “Full Circle” and “Call Me In the Afternoon” peaked at numbers 29 and 19 respectively on the Canadian rock/alt chart the year they were released.

Feature Tracks: Full Circle, Call Me In the Afternoon


3. Hozier – Hozier

“Take Me to Church” (played popularly on the radio and nominated for Song of the Year for the 2014 Grammys) is a track that has been almost impossible to miss in the past 3 years -but have you heard the rest of this album? Hozier’s debut self-titled album channels R&B and soul into a gentle and mostly-heart-wrenching package that can be listened to over and over again.

Feature Tracks: Jackie and Wilson, From Eden, Work Song, Foreigner’s God


4. Pools to Bathe In EP- The Japanese House

Only 2 years old, Pools to Bathe In is indie pop artist Amber Bain’s first of 4 EPs. Featuring Bain on main and backup vocals, guitar, synthesizer, and keyboard, this EP is a work of art from one heart to another. The Japanese House is simmering into fame since this release and Bain’s tour with The 1975. The artist’s latest EP, Saw You In a Dream was just recently released, but dip your toe into these tracks to start -they’re all listen-worthy.

Feature Tracks: Teeth, Pools To Bathe In


5. San Cisco – San Cisco

San Cisco is consistently creating great feel-good music, but if you missed out on their rise to glory, take a step back and listen to their self-titled album below. The handsome indie pop band creates bright cohesive music perfect for a beach montage. The second track on this album even ranked on our Top 10 Fun Music Videos To Watch Now.

Feature Tracks: Fred Astaire, Awkward, Wild Things


6. Never Trust A Happy Song – Grouplove

Speaking of feel-good albums, Grouplove always creates a smile-inducing sound. After an almost-4-year stand without a full album, the group is finally coming out with new projects, thankfully. With a sound that’s impossible to mistake, Grouplove goes all out in celebratory fun music.

Feature Tracks: Tongue Tied, Colours, Chloe, Itchin’ On a Photograph


7. All Our Favorite Stories – Dog is Dead

Dog is Dead found their way into the mainstream after their songs were featured on soccer coverage and on an episode of Skins. Slow-going and emphatic, All Our Favourite Stories is an album that should not be missed.

Feature Songs: Teenage Daughter, Glockenspiel Song


8. Oh Wonder – Oh Wonder

Oh Wonder has been dropping magical light-hearted songs for years now. Did you miss their new album? If you did, definitely give this group a listen.

Feature Tracks: Ultralife, High On Humans

9. Phase – Jack Garrett

Between the wrenching heartbreak and the joyful bounce-back, Phase will have your heart feelings all types of feelings. Garratt’s vocals ride an amazing line been rock and soul. His sound, mixed with dynamic synthetic beats causes an amazing friction between hurt and satisfaction.

Featured Tracks: Breathe Life, Worry, Water


10. Fantasies – Metric

Metric is another group with an incredible history of great albums. Fantasies is the band’s fourth studio album and debuted in 2009 at No. 1 on Billboard’s Top Heatseekers. While most of the tracks are very similar, the formula works and the album’s hit single, “Help I’m Alive” hit it big back on MySpace.

Feature Tracks: Help I’m Alive, Twilight Galaxy


Share your favorite old alternative album with us in the comments below and we might feature you on our next list!

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