Holiday Gift Guide for the Music Lover -yes, they NEED this life-sized bulldog speaker

December 8, 2017

Do you know someone that likes music? Do you need to get this someone a gift? We’ve got you covered with 10+ gifts for the music lover this season. From frivolous to useful, this holiday gift guide will give you just what you need to supply the cheer this winter.

Check out our list below and leave a comment with your favorite buy! 

Buy your music-lover…

1. Something to wear

Perfect for almost anyone -music-themed jewelry. It doesn’t have to be anything crazy -check out this simple bracelet by Positive Charm below!


Music Note Bracelet starting at $20 @ Positive Charm

2. Current Music Literature

The study of music includes understanding better the artists that create the tracks. Get an inside look at your favorite musicians by purchasing a copy of their biography, a look behind the scenes tell-all, or an autobiography. Or, if all else fails, these are sure to be great coffee table books that will strike up thoughtful conversations for years to comepicturing prince book

Picturing Prince for $24.99 @ your local book store

autobiography of gucci mane

The Autobiography of Gucci Mane for $27 @ your local book store

bowie the illustrated story

Bowie: The Illustrated Story for $ @ your local bookstore

Order these books through your local bookstore here starting at $10

3. A Meaningful Music Box

If you’re buying for one of America’s millions of music lovers that owned a dancing ballerina jewelry box as a little girl, look into this classy upgrade. A personalized music box is the perfect music gift and a great keepsake.

music gift guide music box

 Personalized Music Box for $19.96 @ modocreative

4. Hire an artist to create a personalized gallery wall

Are you looking for a gift that will make a statement? A personalized gallery wall or piece of art for your music lover is a gift that will give every day. Check out Little Gold Pixel’s awesome design for the rocker, below,

Hip Rocker Gallery Walls for One Cool Cat

5. Or build your own with these pieces

Or, give your music lover something even more personal by picking out a statement piece yourself. Check out these small business picks below.

trumpet art music gift guideTrumpet Patent Poster starting at $5.54 @ STANLEYprintHOUSE

music print gift guide

They Love Each Other starting at $21 @ Vintage Expression

6. UrbanEars Plattan 2 Bluetooth headphones

Headphones are only getting better -sleaker looks, longer battery, better sound quality. Upgrade your music lover’s tired headphones to these kickass ones.

headphones gift guide 2017

Plattan 2 Bluetooth headphones for $99 @ Urban Ears

7. Curated Playlist

To get in the holiday spirit, Today Together is creating custom playlists! Contact us using the form at the bottom of this post and we will create a playlist that is bound to be on repeat for months. (pro tip: buy a kickass stick to keep it on and use it as a stocking-stuffer)

custom playlist gift guide music

I’ve made you a Mixtape USB flash drive for $19.81 @ The Blank Record Store

8. A Personalized Speaker

Okay, so we get that not everyone has a taste for $2000 bulldog speakers. But some do have a taste for sleek, dog-themed, bluetooth-enabled two-foot-tall speakers. And for those that do, we have the perfect gift for them.

aerobull novelty speakerAerobull Speaker for $1799.59 @ Firebox


Or, perhaps a little more practical, are these Mighty Animal Speakers, which pack a massive punch in an adorable package.

mighty animals speakers

Might Animal Speakers for $26.69 @ Firebox


9. Record Player

Does your music lover enjoy a sick vinyl? Okay, then you need to upgrade them with this amazing setup. Finally out of Kickstarter-mode, the Floating Record is the coolest way to show off your record collection and your amazing taste in music. This vertical turntable is sleek and sexy and has the option of ordering the base in walnut or maple wood.

floating record vertical turntable

Floating Record Vertical Turntable for $550 @ Gramovox

Or, if novelty isn’t as important as practicality, check out this turntable option. The Audio-Technica AT-LP60 is an inexpensive record player that is portable and good looking.

record player music gift guide

Audio-Technica AT-LP60 for $99 @ Audio-Technica

10. Share Some Music

If you are far away from your loved ones but still want to share something awesome and personal, music is always here for you. There have been so many heartfelt, joyful, and intimate albums released this year, and a single song can change someone’s outlook on their day, or even year. Check out some of our featured albums, here or here and check out NME’s 2017 Albums of the Year -which is spot on- and send a “Thinking of you” holiday card to your loved one with some music suggestions of your own.

NME’s Albums of The Year 2017


What are you giving or hoping to get this holiday season? Drop your comments below!

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